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Our new remix for the Central City theme!

New Update video! New transitions, visuals, better animations, lots'a new stuff!

It is done! The Green Hill background art is finished! Sketch made by @Katonuchiha4525, and colored by Yimoo!

Green Hill Background

The second issue of the Sonic Legacy fan comic has been released, and we have the honor to fill in the freshly introduced ad page! At the end of the comic, you will see a page dedicated to us! Check the comic out, who knows what mysteries will follow up in the next issues? Enjoy! :D

Legacy Thumbnail

Green Hill has undergone loads of changes since the last update video, so its just fair that you get a nice look at it :D

It sure is not perfect, maybe even far from that, but it will develope further with time, in the hopes that we can satisfy as many people as possible!

Green Hill Update

The new official ingame title screen logo!

Ingame Title Logo

Our new project/team logo! After loads of disscussions, we put our heads together and designed a completely new one, based on the nocturne and their events!

Logo Image

You guys better prepare for the Imperator...

IX Render

After a long time, we finaly managed to bring out a new update video, and this one is HUGE! Loads of new stuff added, loads of stuff done better. You better just see for yourself ;D

Shade is finally implemented ingame, along with the Character swapping action

Shade the Echidna,

escapes the twilight!

Shade Smash bros render

Shade activating her helmet

Helmet anim gif

Our new remade model of Shade the Echidna!

Shade model gif

An update video for this website!

The website is basically set up! from now on there will be news and such here every now and then.


Kuna, the lucky cat chao

art by our artist Yimoo